Set Yourself Up for Online Learning Success

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Well parents, it’s here. The 2020 school year has begun, or is set to begin, across the country, and it’s going to be an exercise in patience for most of us again. Here at WIREFREE USA we put together four tips on making it through the year with a minimal number of tears, breakdowns, shout-fests, and grey hairs. Good luck to us all!

First thing’s first:

High Speed Internet

For most, taking on the role of teacher is going to be stressful enough. There is ZERO reason to add to the stress by having an internet connection that takes too long to load pages, doesn’t respond quick enough when having multiple pages or programs open, or simply drops service throughout the day.

Fortunately, WIREFREE USA can solve this problem before it becomes unmanageable with high speed, fiber, microwave, and satellite internet in your home, no matter your location! Faster than ever speeds are available everywhere in the contiguous United States, including Alaska and rural areas that were not always available before now. With built-in Wi-Fi, it’s easy to connect your wireless devices from anywhere in your home.

Call WIREFREE USA today at (605) 343-3806, and let us get you set up for success this school year!

Set up a place of focus

Find a quiet, comfortable place in your home that can serve as your child’s “classroom”. It’s important to create a sense of normalcy and repetition, and providing them with a regular workspace will help with the transition from the classroom, to the home room.

Create a schedule

Whether your child is going to be doing full time at home learning, or splitting time between the classroom and home, it’s going to make life much easier if they can stick to a schedule. On days that they will be staying home, it’s a good idea to maintain the same routine they have for regular schooling. Waking up at the same time, getting cleaned up and dressed, eating breakfast, and even their morning check on their friends through whatever social media they use, should all be the same as the normal schedule they’ve grown accustomed to. If your child regularly has breaks or recess periods while in school, do the same at home.

Set goals and expectations

Your child may feel that online, at home learning is an opportunity for less than normal effort. Be sure to treat the whole experience the same as in-school learning. Instill a sense of urgency, and assure them that homework must be completed on time, and attendance is required.

This school year promises to be an adventure to say the least. With reliable internet service from  WIREFREE USA, your student will be better equipped to make it a successful one.  Call us today and we’ll help you find the right package to meet all your needs!

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