6 Tips to Ramp Up Your Internet Browsing Speed

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If you have reliable high-speed Internet service provided by WIREFREE USA but still experience slow page load times and download speeds, the device you’re using may be the culprit.  Luckily, we have some easy tips for you to follow so that you can browse, download, share, watch and game faster than ever! Read on to learn how to speed up your computer or mobile device so that you can make the most out of your Internet service.

Clean up what you don’t need

In your day-to-day Internet browsing, it can be easy to overlook how many files get saved onto your computer.  Simple things like a PDF menu downloaded from a restaurant’s website or a funny meme shared on social media take up valuable memory and bog down your device. Going in manually to delete files and programs that you no longer use is one option, but it is much easier to use a program that you can set up to automatically delete items in your recycle bin and temporary files folder. It is also a good idea to clean up your device when you first get it, as many come with preloaded applications that you may know you will never use.

Store large files externally

To prevent your computer from becoming too overloaded with data in the first place, try to store as many files, especially large ones, externally. Things like photos, videos and games can all go on USB drives to clear up space on your computer. A perk from keeping files stored externally is that you will always have access to them, even after your device stops working.

Perform regular maintenance

Just like any other machine, computers need a little care, and making sure your computer undergoes regular disk defragmenting and disk cleanups will go far in keeping it running in tip-top shape. Newer computers often have timers to complete these crucial tasks automatically, but if you have an older computer, you will have to go in and do it manually. To complete manually, simply go to your computer’s control panel and click on administrative tools to access the disk defragmenter and disk cleanup. If you will be performing this maintenance manually, make sure to set a reminder so it doesn’t end up falling by the wayside!

 Limit start-up programs

It can be both annoying and inconvenient waiting what feels like hours for your computer to start up, and much of the wait can be blamed on start-up programs. However, this is a simple problem to correct by simply going into your device’s settings, going into the application manager and turning off unnecessary start-up programs. You’ll be surprised how quickly your device boots up after completing this task.

Protect from spyware and viruses

It’s no surprise that viruses and spyware can wreck havoc on your computer, but some can sit quietly in the background, relatively undetected, and make your device move at snail-like speeds. Call WIREFREE USA at (605) 343-3806 for options available to protect you and your devices.

Clear cached data often

Cached data is data saved from a website or app that gets stored on your device to make the Internet browsing process faster, saving on loading time. However, this data also takes up space on your device, making it a good idea to clear regularly from your computer, tablet or phone. Clearing your cached data is as easy as going to the ‘Option’ menu on your web browser and selecting the option to clear cached data. Really, that’s it!

What’s the use of paying for high-speed Internet if you can’t enjoy the benefits? By following these simple steps, you can ensure a smoother experience while on the Internet. Contact WIREFREE USA today at (605) 343-3806 to talk to a local representative about your family’s Internet browsing needs!


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