3 Wirefree Products That Will Make Life Easier in 2020

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Every year, millions of us make New Year’s resolutions that involve heading to the gym more often, cutting an unhealthy habit from our lives or putting more into our savings account. These resolutions require willpower and commitment that often begin waning come February. This year, make a goal that’s easy to stick to: streamline your life by making simple updates to items in your home! WIREFREE USA can help integrate your house with new wirefree technologies that make your life easier and free up time for you to complete all of your resolutions in 2020. Read on to learn about some of the products that we carry, and then give us a call at 605-343-3806 today to talk to a local rep about equipping your home with the latest in wirefree technology!

Nest Security Systems

With Nest’s line of home security products, you can keep your family safe while also adding to your home’s functionality. Each item in the Nest family can all be connected in the Nest app, which can be used on mobile devices to control your home, no matter where you are. You can even allow temporary access to your home, without compromising sensitive data like your pass code. This comes in handy when you’re hiring a house-sitter, have technicians working in your home or are expecting an important delivery. Learn more about the Nest products we carry here.

Google Voice Remote

The television remote gets a major upgrade with the Google Voice Remote, which allows you to change channels, pause your show, search for programs and more simply with the sound of your voice. That’s right – now you don’t even have to lift a finger to really make the most out of your next binge-watching session! The remote also comes with Google Assistant, letting your control the rest of your home’s smart devices. Google Voice Remotes are included in each DISH satellite TV package that we offer, so call us at 605-343-3806 to get yours!

Wirefree Sound System

Enhance the sound quality of your home’s devices, while eliminating tripping hazards, with a wireless sound system from WIREFREE USA. We offer sound systems from top brands like Sony and Yamaha, and we’ll even help with the installation! Enjoy crystal-clear sound for your movies, music and more, and even connect multiple rooms in your home so you listen in wherever you roam. Head over to our website to learn more about the home theater products that we carry.

With 2020 on the horizon, now is the time to make sure you’re ready for the new decade by getting connected with the wirefree devices you need to make life more convenient. Call us today at 605-343-3806 for more information on the items above, and to learn more about the products and services WIREFREE USA offers that keep you connected. See you all in the New Year!



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