DISH Hopper and Joey

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Introducing DISH's new whole-home HD DVR entertainment system.

  • The hopper and three Joeys allow viewers to watch HD TV and manage their DVR in any of four rooms.
  • The hopper allows three satellite TV tuners that can record up to 6 channels simultaneously.
  • Three features of the Hopper system:
    • 2 TB (Terabyte) Hard Drive
      • Over 250 HD DVR recording hours which is the most in pay-TV industry.
    • PrimeTime Anytime
      • Viewers can record any prime-time programming from select networks using just one tuner.
    • Whole-Home Full-Function HD DVR Service
      • Pause, rewind, and record live TV in any room.
      • Watch recorded programs in any room.

For more information on the DISH Hopper and Joey System, please call WIREFREE USA at 1-888-441-7233 for a casual, descriptive, information gathering chat with one of our representatives.